About Us


Our pediatric population goes to school from 8am to 3pm or 9 am to 5 pm and their parents &/or guardians go to work during the day. We want to support our patient’s families by providing our services at convenient times, so the child does not miss school and parents do not loose wages. We offer evening appointments starting at 4pm our last visit will be at 7pm. 

We can still provide work and school excuse if the evening is already fully scheduled.



Understanding that success of treatment and resolution of symptoms requires attention in a timely fashion, we make it our goal to have availability for appointments within the 1st three weeks from the referral time, you wont have to wait for months to have your child evaluated.

We have specific allotted times only for patients that are being discharged from psychiatric hospitalization within seven days of discharge, so we can give the treatment started in the hospital good continuity and management. Often times patients leave the hospital without an outpatient service plan, we provide that.


A percentage of people have difficulty tolerating medications due to side effects. Another percentage is too young to be started on medication (under fiver years old). For these population we offer nutritional support through supplementation of Vitamins and Minerals and Nutritional Education.

Good Nutritional Support can assist with:

  • Decreasing medication side effects
  • Potentiate good response to medication treatment. 

We also are very glad to be able to provide same quality care to English and Spanish speaking families with our bilingual/bicultural staff.